How do you get the cooperative web loan?

Are you planning to face some important expenses in the near future such as the renovation of the house, the purchase of a motorbike (Compare loans for motorbike purchases), the renewal of computers and digital equipment, a holiday or expenses for your own well-being , but are you running out of cash?

You could consider the new Spin Lender loans, a line of offers and loan products of the Good Cooperative, designed for young, dynamic people who prefer the web channel to the traditional one, both for the loan request and for the ‘dispensing. Here’s how to get your Spin Lender loans online, in a few simple steps. (In depth: fast online loans).

Choose your project and the product that’s right for you

Spin Lender provides users with different products to meet different needs. Among these we can highlight the conditions of the following products:

This loan makes from 1500 up to 30,000 USD available to the applicant, repayable up to 84 monthly installments with the possibility of changing the installment or that of the skip installment. Both opportunities are accessible 6 months after the start of the loan (repayments must logically be regular) and can be used 5 times during the amortization plan. In the second option, the missed installment will be placed at the end of the loan with the logical shift of the time horizon in which the loan will end.

Spin Lender Personal Loan

Spin Lender Cooperative personal has the same economic conditions as the flexible one but with a fixed installment amount, for greater planning peace of mind. However, the options that make previous financing more flexible are not accessible.

Spin Lender Small

It can be used for amounts from 1,500 to 3,000 USD, with repayment plans for 12 to 36 months. It can be requested by employees, retirees and self-employed.

Spin Lender Online Loan

The Spin Lender Online version of loans allows you to save on preliminary and practical management costs, both of which are free of charge. The loan is requested directly via the web via PC or mobile device and can lead to the disbursement of an amount between 1500 and 30 thousand USD. The amortization plan is instead between 1 and 7 years. Finally, it is equipped with the flexibility options typical of the Flexible Loan.

What do you need to apply for the loan?

Spin Lender loans can be requested by those who have simple basic requirements which we can summarize in:

  • be of age;
  • have an Iban through which to pay the installments via bank SDD;
  • be resident in Italy;
  • have a demonstrable income.


For loan applications, banks and financial companies can always ask for additional documents. Having said that, the ‘basic’ ones that you need to have at hand at the time of the request are:

  • Identification document as Identity Card;
  • Tax code or health card;
  • Income document.

As regards the latter aspect, the following are allowed:

  • for those who work Employee: the last Paycheck;
  • for those who are self-employed: the Single Model;
  • for those who are retired: the Single Certification.

How to apply for an online loan?

To apply for a Loan online at Spin Lender all you have to do is connect to the website www.Spin and access the area of ​​the loan request. First you can proceed with a quote, which you will get in real time, after which you can move on to the actual request.

Going to the Lite Lender home page you must fill in the required spaces, without having to register and without being already a customer:

The system already provides the “rose” of possible uses of money (for example if you are looking for liquidity to shop, just choose the “other projects” item). You will have to enter the necessary amount and the installment that you would like to pay. At this point just click on Calculate Quote and check the combination, on the next screen, that best meets your expectations or needs.

For example, for 10 thousand USD requested that would like to be returned at the maximum in installments of 300 USD, the proposals as of 18 June 2018 given by the installment calculation tool are:

Finally, if you want to proceed to the next step, you must click on the ‘Proceed’ button. Here we start with the actual request phase which involves the compilation of personal, personal and income data. However, until the ok on the last part, that of the summary of the request, is given, in fact the request for Spin Lender loans is not being made official.

Online request

Then you will then go on to fill in a master data sheet, and then another card with other data. During this procedure do not forget to always have the Iban code, the tax code, the identity card and your paycheck at hand. To avoid the standard drawing (signature in pen, sending to the bank, awaiting approval), you can take advantage of the digital signature. If you don’t have it, you can request it directly from the bank: you just need a smartphone.

Once the digital signature is obtained, the documents can be signed and sent online immediately. In this way you will save time and use before the amount made available to you. For all detailed information on the types of loans, payment methods, financial conditions applied (Tan and Taeg).

The relationship with the agency

If you need to go to the agency to solve a problem, obtain a non-binding consultation or apply for a loan, you can take advantage of the online function that allows you to search for the most convenient branch. Just fill in the form on the official website.

You will get an interactive map that allows you to click directly on the one you are interested in, seeing the relevant contact data.

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