Liquidity loan or mortgage loan?

The liquidity loan offers many advantages in that the sum that is paid is not aimed at purchasing a good or service and can be spent on any personal need. It falls into the category of personal loans and is usually granted for fairly small amounts, a feature that significantly speeds up the procedure.

For this reason, it is the loans that best lend themselves to meeting sudden needs, such as unexpected expenses, expensive repairs or some purchase to renovate the house, which cannot be met. The liquidity loan proves perfect even when you want to reorganize your debt position because maybe you have more small and short-term loans: obtaining a single loan regulated by a contract that lasts longer you can pay off your previous debts, have a ‘single monthly installment and maybe stay with a little liquidity to spend on other objectives.

How does it work

How does it work

In order to obtain a liquidity loan, you must go to the bank branch or to the financial agency bringing with you the documentation that certifies your income capacity for the type of amount you intend to request. Alternatively, it is also possible to forward the request on one of the many sites of the direct banks, those that operate exclusively online, attaching the same documentation.

Once the credit rating of the applicant has been verified, having obtained the go-ahead from the various risk centers and having ascertained that the income presented is sufficient to cover the amount requested in a few days, the sum is usually paid out.

In the event that the amount of the installment is considered too high compared to the amount of income, it is always possible to supplement the guarantee by presenting a guarantor who has sufficient income requirements and accepts responsibility in the event of any non-payment by the holder. Or alternatively you can request a liquidity mortgage with a mortgage on a property owned as a guarantee.

Liquidity loan also for protests

Liquidity loan also for protests

If your credit history is not immaculate, you can still get a loan if you are an employee or retired worker by resorting to a Transfer of the Fifth.

Recall that this is a particular type of non-finalized personal loan that allows very fast and secure access to credit. The guarantee of the fixed monthly income of the salary or pension, as well as the commitment that the worker’s company or the pensioner’s social security institution undertake to directly retain the amount of the installment due and pay it to the lending institution, are in fact sufficient to not interrogate the risk centers and not to check the credit history of the applicant.

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