Retirement loan or mini pension: what possible solutions to exodus?


Even today, in 2016, the current government is trying to find a solution, carrying out the seventh safeguard (the other six occurred with previous governments) and promising to activate, in the next 2017 Stability Law, the so-called Ape plan or retirement loan. Here’s who are the exodus and what are the Social Institute facilities dedicated to them in case of a pension loan.

The problem of exodates

The problem of exodates

The exodus, in fact, are those subjects who at the time of the facts, in the process of retiring, chose early retirement in exchange for a bonus that would accompany them to retirement. Then there was a retroactive change in the retirement age (a process that continues today), with a mess that causes total confusion in the category.

The exodus have therefore found themselves suddenly without a salary because they are no longer workers, without a pension because they are not yet of retirement age (the category most affected was that of the over 55) and without being able to relocate to the labor market because they are too “old” “!

This absolute social drama meant that the exodus could not even apply for loans, precisely because they did not have guarantees. Over the years, however, and in particular in recent times, there have been many proposals (including the one carried out by the former Minister of Labor Giovannini in 2014) on the possibility of resorting to the subsidized pension loan for exodus. Type of proposal that, which has come back into the limelight in recent times, could see implementation in the coming months and in any case within the year. Let’s see how it works.

Mechanism similar to a loan of honor

Mechanism similar to a loan of honor

The subsidized loan for exoduses works as a loan of honor, a type of financing widely used, for example, by young university students: therefore it is not a real mini pension, even if it performs an economic livelihood function (see also Loans for students without guarantees).

Rates are very advantageous and return times are interesting, especially when compared to traditional financing plans. In practice, an amount of up to 15,500 USD can also be disbursed with 50% non-refundable, with a repayment plan envisaged in quarterly installments and reversals starting from the first pension received. The monthly allowance would amount to around 700 USD per month. This form of financing would guarantee a sort of advance on retirement: part of the loan would in fact be repaid by the state, while only the other by the exodus once the retirement age is reached.

However, certain requirements, such as age, would also be required to access this type of financing, which obviously must be close to retirement. The other guarantees are offered by the State, and in this specific case, by Social Institute.

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